Don’t Just Assume Your
Marketing is Working

Create dashboards/reports that will give you oversight on all your marketing channels. Quickly check your major KPI's on a daily basis and compare their performance compared to the previous period.

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No More Marketing Blind Spots

Track Progress

Track Progress

Focus on what really matters. Track all of your campaign's performance inside one dashboard . Identify which channel, campaigns, ads, & keywords are driving maximum leads and phone calls. Find insights to increase your conversions and ROI.

KPIs Monitoring

KPIs Monitoring

Bring metrics from different traffic channels inside one dashboard and check performance at a glance. View all of major KPIs e.g. CPC, CPA, ROAS etc on a daily basis and quickly view and compare their performance compared to the previous day, week or month. Check all performance metrics and ensure all campaigns are running fine.

Instant Performance Alerts

Instant Performance

Get instant alert if certain thresholds are met e.g. cost per purchase decreased by 30%, you and the marketing manager will receive instant email . Be on the top of all of your marketing campaigns and check easily which channels are working and which are not.

Build for Digital Marketing Agencies

All in one Reporting

All in one Reporting

Bring up all of your marketing channel s important data insights in one report. You can also add all conversion, revenue and phone calls metrics inside one report. Customize the reports with the metrics which are most important to your business.

Easily Manage Multiple Clients

Easily Manage Multiple Clients

Whether you have 10 or 100+ clients, we make it easy to scale and automate your client reporting. Our API allows you to integrate with your other systems to manage clients and automate reporting tasks.

Quick & Automate Reporting

Quick & Automate Reporting

Combine data from marketing and advertising services. Save time and schedule recurring reporting, with the click of a button. You can create professional digital marketing reports and dashboards within minutes.

Fast, Simple Setup


Choose a template

Go to template gallery and select a template. You can also create your own template.


Connect Data Sources

Quickly connect all of your data sources which you want inside the report.


Customize Design and Metrics

Customize design of reports for branding and add all metrics which are important for your or client business.


Automate and Share

Automate, schedule and share reports with your team and clients.

Seamless Integration with
the Platform you already use

We integrate with software tools you already use,
connect easily and see your data in real time.

  • Slack
  • Google Analytics
  • Zapier
  • Wordpress

Get Free Access to Digital Marketing
Reporting Dashboards

Create SEO, PPC and Social Media reports in minutes. Save time and focus more on optimizing campaigns.

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